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This week our 47 runners had fantastic weather again! Spring is most definitely here :-) . In our 27 runs we still haven't had rain - snow does not count as there is something magical about running in gently falling snow (maybe it makes us all feel 7 again?).

In the pre-run briefing Run Director Claire told the 47 runners to be on the look-out for dogs, pushchairs and princesses - little did she know that Crown Princess Victoria was out for a walk in the park - complete with body guards, husband and pushchair! Maybe one week they'll join us....

This week we had 11 first timers and 15 of our regular runners recorded new Personal Bests. Welcome and well done to you! Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

As always, many thanks goes to our 8 volunteers: Claire WARD-PASSEY • Deri THOMAS • Luis NINO LOPEZ • Natasha MARASCHIN • Rosaria GALANTI • Svante WETTERLING • Wongani MWANZA • Wynand BOSHOFF. Remember parkrun only happen because of people volunteering. If you would like to help out one week then just let us know by replying to the e-mail or posting on our Facebook page - it's not scary (even timing!), and you do get to wear a lovely yellow vest :-)

Now for the results!

Male placings:
Matthew LEWIS was first over the line in 17:34, Jens PAULSSON was second over the line in 17:43 and an unknown runner (with an equally speedy Staffordshire Bull Terrier) was third.

Female placings:
Eef VAN DONGEN was first over the line in 19:45, Riina KUUSELO was second in 20:14 and Rachel HAINES was third in 20:16.

As it is now spring some of you might want a parkrun challenge! You might want to be the Course Records Holder? Our Course Records are currently:

Fastest Man: Hector HAINES who recorded a time of 00:16:28
Fastest Woman: Catherine TAYLOR who recorded a time of 00:18:14
Age Graded Record: Gunnar DURÉN who recorded 82.83%

Hope to see you all on Saturday 9:30! Happy running in the beautiful spring sunshine :-)

The Haga team


Haga parkrun, run report, #26


The first official Spring parkrun, and we were delighted to announce that for the first time since November, we didn’t have to mention anything about ice or snow on the course. What a relief! Indeed the course was in great shape today, and a cold, crisp morning made for really good running conditions.
As expected, Personal Bests tumbled today with the ice disappearing from the course. 16 people set PBs today – Malin Skans, Janne Fredriksson, Anna Mitman, Jens Skaring, Laura Bradley, Mark Aldred, Carl Barbäck, Björn Suneson, Kristian Borgström, Sarah Beale, Svante Wetterling, Rachel Haines, Rickard Andersson, Jens Paulsson, Alexander Bertholds and Jere Pajunen. We’re waiting for the grus to be collected from the asphalt sections of the course and then I’m sure we’ll have another day like today, with many people achieving another shiny PB!
We also had 13 new runners today at Haga parkrun, which was really fun. Great to see the Haasdyk family running around the course together – we really want to reach out to families to come and enjoy parkrun together – any good ideas of how to reach out to them gratefully received!
There were some speedy people up front today, with Jere Pajunen (16:33), just a few seconds short of the course record, holding off the man who indeed holds that record, Hector Haines (16:38). Third was parkrun tourist Peter Bray in 17:12.
For the women, Rachel Haines was first home in 20:42, with Amanda Gardelin (plus canine friend) coming second in 20:49, followed by Riina Kuuselo in 21:01.
In the Age-graded score section, it was extremely tight, with Björn Suneson (77.89%), in the VM60-65 category being sandwiched between the afore-mentioned Jere (78.15%) and Hector (77.56%). Extremely close this week!
It’s always a pleasure to be part of the Haga parkrun team, and thanks again to the willing volunteers who made parkrun run smoothly again this Saturday. So big shouts out to Wynand, Peter, Erik, Hugh, James & Olof who helped out this week. Haga parkrunners salute you!
Thanks everyone for supporting Haga parkrun! Please tell your friends, family and colleagues about us and bring them along – the more the merrier!


Haga parkrun, event 25, run report


What a grey, grey week it had been. So it was a wonderful start to the weekend to see the sun shining brightly just in time for parkrun, even if the chilly temperatures left a few icy patches out there on the course. Thanks to everyone for heeding our advice and taking it a bit easy over these stretches. (Well, we hope you did – everyone came back in one piece anyway). With the temperatures soaring to a tropical 10oC this coming week, it looks like we have done our final icy parkrun of the year, hurray!
Back to the action. Today it was a chance to celebrate Mark Aldred’s 50th parkrun. Mark has been here since the start in Haga, but was obviously familiar with parkrun back in the UK to come up to his 50 milestone. Hope everyone enjoyed the kladdkaka and coffee – all refreshments are gratefully received by runners and volunteers alike should anyone want to get involved with the baking one week! Well done Mark, and we look forward to seeing you in your red 50 t-shirt soon.
Despite the icy patches, there were some people who were able to record a PB – especially well done to the following ladies and gents this week: Olof Wetterling, Matleena Boström, Sarah-Jane Barrable, Susanna Tervo, Björn Suneson, Stefan Öström, Johanna Alexson, and Anna Tebelius.
Congratulations to everyone who took part on Saturday, including all those who were taking part for the first time.
For the women, the first finisher was Matleena Boström in 20:15, with Sarah-Jane Barrable in 20:43 and Justine Carmichael in 21:07.
With the guys it was Jens Paulsson coming over the line first in 18.18, followed by Nick Barrable in 18:35 and then Erik Olsson in 18:45.
Top age-grade score though went to Björn Suneson with his time of 22:45 scoring a whopping 76.63%.
Thanks again to all the volunteers on Saturday. Some special mentions to Åsa Lundin who jumped in at the last moment to be Tail Runner and to Colm for taking some fantastic photos of this week’s event. Some great group shots and individual portraits too, go and have a look if you haven’t done so already. ALL THE PHOTOS!
Finally, thanks to everyone who has stuck with us through our first winter. Last August was possibly not the ideal time to launch – we could have waited until maybe April until the winter had passed – but we would have missed out on 25 Saturday mornings, 25 Haga parkruns, hundreds of run performances, lots of visitors from foreign shores, and much more. Operating through the winter has shown us that it can be done and it’s built a resilient running community which is now going to enjoy the long spring, summer and autumn here in Haga and grow and develop.
Have a great week, and we look forward to seeing you for the first ice-free (we hope!) parkrun of the season. Keep spreading the word and help to build Haga parkrun!


Haga parkrun, event 24, run report


Despite all of us willing spring to arrive, winter was very much still in control in Hagaparken on Saturday. Most of the course was in pretty decent shape, but at the top of the hill after 1km there was still a 100m stretch of ice to contend with, and our recent purchase of brightly coloured cones came in handy to mark out the other spots on the course where patches of ice remained. We’re glad though that we went ahead on Saturday – we always want to make sure the course is safe for you all, but we still don’t want to everyone to miss out on a Saturday morning parkrun!
Great to see some new faces coming to join us this morning, and a pleasure to welcome a whole bunch of South Africans to our event, a couple of whom braved the elements in shorts. Positive thinking, we love it!
And so to the results. Amazingly, despite the conditions, there were a whole bunch of PBs today – well done to Claire-Ward Passey, Anna Tebelius, Håkan Bergström, Matilda Hedberg, Stefan Öström, Andriy Andreev, Olof Wetterling and Andreas Hardeström.
At the front of the field is was the aforementioned Andreas Hardeström who headed the field with a speedy 18:03, just over a minute ahead of Rickard Andersson, with Alister Cumming in third place. For the women Riina Kuuselo came over in the line in 21:10, with Caroline Manning and Sarah Beale close together in second and third.
Finally, of course a big thanks again to all the volunteers who helped out this week – you are making parkrun a reality here in Sweden and from all the runners out there, a big thank you!
See you next Saturday!

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