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It was a great week at Haga parkrun, with our usual lovely mix of ‘regulars’, tourists and first-timers. Given that it was höstlov, it was a great turnout with 75 runners coming along, with our usual fantastic volunteer team in attendance to make sure everything ran smoothly!
And it was fantastic to have the cameras from TV4 in attendance, with the super positive Maria Forsblom taking part. She genuinely seemed to really enjoy the atmosphere and she has promised to come back and run with her family in a few weeks’ time. Cool!
Fika afterwards was also a bit special with the team from Arbetskamraterna serving us fika right at the finish line, which seemed to go down very well. We hope that they will be able to make it on future occasions!
The only thing that we forgot in all the excitement was to take some pictures this week, so our reminder of the week’s action is from the TV4 clip that we have already posted all over our social media channels. If you have managed to avoid this until now, you can see it here: TV4 parkrun clip.

We still miss having a regular photographer, so if you know someone, please please tell us, as everyone loves the photos that we post up after each event.
Here are the official statistics for this week’s event:
Haga parkrun, Event number 58, 4th November 2017
This week 75 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers and 14 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part. The event was made possible by 7 volunteers:
Deri THOMAS • Hector HAINES • Gabriella REINER • Eva-Lena EIREFELT • Mija THOMAS • Patrick JOYCE • Pontus NORDGREN
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Haga parkrun Results Page.  
The female record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded a time of 17:30 on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
The male record is held by Jere PAJUNEN who recorded a time of 15:56 on 29th July 2017 (event number 45).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded 84.57% (17:30) on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 1,242 participants have completed 3,186 parkruns covering a total distance of 15,930 km, including 615 new Personal Bests.

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