Run report #83

An exciting weekend for Nordic parkruns: we saw over 1000 participants running, walking and helping run parkruns across the Nordic countries.
At Haga things were busy in particular. IF Linnéa, a large and friendly running club based in central Stockholm (mainly training from Zinkensdam IP on Söder) turned up to lend a hand with set-up and sign collecting and to provide pacers, marshals and general inspiration/rabid competition for some. Thanks Filip for bringing them along and thanks for the support Frowald, Erin, Katarina, Magnus, Bengt and Kalle!
Talking of competition, we all know it’s a “run not a race” but I can’t miss mentioning that we had a woman first over the line, and one who came more than a minute in front of the next person. The finish arena team had hardly laid back and put their feet up in the sun when Yoie Bohlin appeared from behind the trees to finish her parkrun in 17 minutes 36 seconds. I will admit that this wasn’t a huge surprise as we knew she was coming and she is the women’s course record holder (17:30).
Maybe less expected was Sofia’s chance meeting with the Crown Princess Victoria. Sofia risked being body-slammed by a beefy bodyguard as she spotted the royal out jogging and gave chase in order to inform her of the most exciting event to hit the princess’s back garden since the Swedes discovered cinnamon. Talk about dedication to the parkrun cause!
We had runners from England, Turkey and Ireland as well as Sweden. 3 generations of the Erskine family acted as tail-walkers & photographer and a trusty and experienced volunteer team manned the finish, with Mija and Anna their usual smiley faces, August, Filip and Wynand quite literally the “manpower” carting the kit around and setting up and S-J trying to remember all the things to go through in the run talk whilst swapping language every other sentence.
93 people completed parkrun this week, incidentally the number of parkruns that Emily Braund has done, her first time at Haga being this Saturday. Our youngest registered parkrunners were Max and Lova Aschan Janson. Lova completed her first parkrun too, having done one lap on the previous go – well done! Another 21 first timers were there and an brilliant 19 PBs were achieved. Ben Ritchie only needs one more run until the big 50 and familiar face Mark Aldred isn’t far off 100 – out of his 96 runs, 62 have been at Haga. The holder of most parkruns in total is Caroline Manning at 185 runs, just pipping husband Hugh who’s on 184 and Selina Makin on 181 who appears to be a proud parkrun tourist, having been at 58 different parkruns!
Thanks again everyone for making parkrunday awesome again!


Haga parkrun, run report, Event #82

copper tents

The weather continues to be AMAZING here in Sweden, and despite a slightly dodgy forecast earlier in the week, we had yet another beautiful Saturday morning in Hagaparken. Reminds us of our first 40 events without a drop of rain…….. (before the Saturday when it came down in a flood and wrecked our signs!)
We welcomed some keen tourists from the sadly missed Little Stoke parkrun (you can read about the story here) who hadn’t read the small print of the 9.30 start. Thanks Graham and Sue for rescuing our ‘Se Upp för Löpare’ sign afterwards!
Excellent running conditions today which was reflected in some excellent PBs throughout the field, 16 in total! Special well done to Johan Söderlund, Jonas Larm, Paul Coventry, Antonio De Nardis, Johannes Wingborg, Kjell Vowles, Carl Allen, Mikael Järnkrok, Dimitris Christidis, Pär Billingmark, Falken Falk, Anders Hedenlund, Johanna Kyrö, Kristen Neich, Daria Timenkova and Richa Rai.
24 first-timers to Haga parkrun today too! Amazing.
As we said at the start, we were so happy to have Mija Thomas back with us after a long absence and a surgery on her shoulder. Welcome back Mija!

And it was so nice to have super-volunteer Anna Klöfver finally make her away around the course after so many volunteer instances at the finish area! Anna was the Tail Walker on Saturday and declared that ‘the course is lovely’ when she returned. We agree!
Anna Tail walker
Scott was total calmness on his first time on the stopwatch, and thanks to Filip for helping out with the scanning when he got back to the finish.
Thanks as well to the marshals Sofia, Lisa and Stella out on the course.
This week we have Jeff Wang to thank for all the photos, some lovely shots with the Koppartälten as a backdrop.
haga 82 1

We love our photographers, it gives us something a little extra every week, so if you would like to get involved, please let us know!
All in all, another wonderful Saturday at Haga parkrun. We have been averaging nearly 90 runners each week, a 50% increase on this time last year, which is fun. Thanks for coming and being part of the parkrun family!
This week we are hoping to get 1000 runners across all the Nordic events. We hope that you can be part of this! See you on Saturday.


Haga parkrun, run report, event #81

Haga parkrun #81
If Haga parkrun was an episode of friends, this would have been ‘The hot one’. We may start early, but it was still HOT at 9.30. Hagaparken looked absolutely wonderful, and I’m sure nobody regretted their decision to get up out of bed and join us on the start line.
Haga parkrun #81
Certainly not the 15 runners who secured a PB today! Seems like parkrunners perform well in the heat. You all deserve a mention, so here you go:
Johan Janson, Filippa Hartman, Marcelo Ibarra, Claire-Ward Passey, Lars Östman, Sofia Kaller, Mary Scheuermann, Stefan Westlin, Alex Field, Dean Abele, Marcus Carlsson, Antonio De Nardis, Kennet Johansson, August Frew and Sjur Jensen. Great!
Haga parkrun #81
A special shout out to Run Director Claire Ward-Passey, who finally broke the magic sub 30-minute barrier at Haga parkrun! It was Claire’s 25th run at Haga and she has been tantalisingly close to achieving the time, with previous times of 30:01 (#62) and 30:04 (#63). Nice one Claire!
Haga parkrun #81
Again we had a whole bunch of first-timers (28!) joining us on Saturday – the numbers of runners continues to grow. Usually it is by word of mouth that they have heard about us – a colleague at work, or a friend or relative. Thanks for the recommendations, Haga parkrunners!
Haga Tennis Club was packed out for the post-run fika, it’s nice to be able to just stroll over there after parkrun instead of the longer hike to Espresso House in Odenplan. The parkrun computer unfortunately decided that it was good time to start on a ‘Windows Update’ which took a lot longer than parkrun, so results had to wait until we got home…….
Here were the scores on the doors for this week:

This week 94 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 28 were first timers and 15 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 13 different clubs took part.
Haga parkrun #81
First over the line today for the boys was, fittingly in this hot weather, an Australian visitor, Eric Ueda, who ran a speedy 16:43.
For the ladies it was Akvile Preiksaite, making a return to Haga parkrun, who crossed the line in 23:50.
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 1,674 participants have completed 4,750 parkruns covering a total distance of 23,750 km, including 831 new Personal Bests.
Big thanks as always to all the volunteers! Anna and Filip (and also Hugh Manning who helped out) were in charge at the finish area and did a fantastic job there as usual. Leo was learning the ropes as a Timekeeper alongside his Dad.
Anna & Klara were great marshals out on the lapping point on the course.
Erik Erskine took some amazing photos out on the course, you can see them all here!

Haga parkrun #81
Mats Forsberg was Tail Walker on Saturday and gave great support to the new participants towards the back of the pack.

Finally, a request. If you want to share a story about parkrun – the history about how you came to be a parkrunner, or what parkrun means to you, then we would love to hear from you, and you can star in our parkrun Nordics newsletter that we send out each week. We love to receive motivating stories, so if you have one, send it in!


Haga parkrun #80 run report

Stockholm saw a multitude of races going on over the stupendously sunny weekend, but that didn’t stop 61 people taking part in Haga parkrun, including 17 first timers. Amongst the newcomers to Haga we welcomed Madelene Henriksgaard from Australia who was also 2nd woman over the line, Alexandra Peer on her very first parkrun and Eric Egan also at parkrun for the first time. It was so warm that even the locals were in shorts!
We had, as usual, a great team of volunteers: Rachel HAINES • Natasha MARASCHIN • Wynand BOSHOFF • Nick BARRABLE • Tony BENNETT • Sarah-Jane BARRABLE • Lisa KLINGWALL and high-fiving daughter Stella • Patrick JOYCE • Anna KLÖFVER - some of whom helped with set-up and then ran the course (this is always helpful so please reply to those volunteer emails if you’d like to volunteer and also get a run) and some who did jobs they’d never tried before.
David Hutchinson was the first man to finish and was promptly interviewed by the Swedish Athletics federation Svensk Idrott, who had representatives visiting us as part of their work to find out about initiatives and encourage all forms of athletics throughout Sweden. David is in training for the Stockholm marathon. Paul Åkerman ran in after David and set a new PB, then Nick Barrable was the third man to finish.
Mary Senior was the first lady over the line – her first visit to Haga but certainly not parkrun as she has run 126 runs and has volunteered 28 times. After Aussie Madelene came another first time parkrunner – Mia Edvardsson.
Great to see Anna Frew and her baby bump running Haga as well as Emma Erskine crossing the line in her pram just before her Mum. Anthony Sanders, visiting from the UK, is on a long-distance bike-ride around Europe and just managed to drop in on parkrun before heading to Finland!
We finally made it to our summer spot, the tennis club, for fika – hope to see even more of you there next time. Watch this space for some “volunteer training” at fika when some of our more regular volunteers will hang around after the run in order to show people that the parkrun jobs really aren’t so tough! We’re hoping to get even more people involved in volunteering to spread the load and the fun!


Haga parkrun, run report, Event #79

Another beautiful Saturday morning in Haga park which 80 beautiful runners took advantage of. This week we had a bright bunch of guests from England, Wales, Italy and Turkey, apologies if we’ve missed anyone there. Congrats to all the first timers this week who completed the course, it’s always great to see and welcome new faces.
As always, a big thanks to this week’s volunteers and as we all know without them parkrun would not be possible. No need to mention you all by name, you know who you are and we all know how important you are.
The focus of this report however is on Deri Thomas, who was not only instrumental in bringing parkrun to Sweden, Norway and Finland but remains THE key person in keeping the parkrun community alive in the Nordic countries. To give an insight into Deri’s Saturday last weekend, he had already completed setting up the course in Hagaparken when the first volunteer arrived at 08:15. He then returned back to Kungsängen (30 min by car) where he lives to help with the local parkrun there. All this on top of numerous emails and telephone calls throughout the week making sure that Run Directors were in place and supported by an adequate number of volunteers. However, last weekend was extra demanding for Deri as due to a couple of “technical glitches”, the results from both the Haga parkrun and Kungsängen had to be entered manually, which he did on his own. I’m not however sure if Deri found this more demanding than his daughter’s birthday the next day with 15+ guests invited and the forecast prediction was rain!
Hope to see you as many as possible of you again next week and why not bring a friend or two and/or a family member. We’re not far away from achieving an average of 100 runners per week at Haga and with your continued support this can happen sooner rather than later.
Paul Balsom

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