Haga run report, event #91

It's becoming a bit predictable.......another Saturday and more hot, hot weather! Just for a moment, in the early hours of the morning, lying in bed before getting up to set up the course, there was a strange sound, could that possibly be the patter of rain on the roof?! Were we going to have a rainy parkrun? No such luck! At least the rain cleared the air a little bit, although it was still around 23oC and very humid at the start.
The photos are testament to how dry it is in Sweden right now, hardly any green left in the expanse of grass near the start (which by the way is called Tingshusslätten, although not many people know that....).

Today we had 52 people running at Haga parkrun, lower than we have had through the spring, but at this time of year of course many people are away out of town on their holidays, and the weather is admittedly pretty warm for running. We had brought along some extra water for those taking part, and at least parts of our course (probably over half) is in shade, which is very welcome!

This week we had plenty to celebrate, with Anna Klöfver (above, in yellow) achieving her 25th volunteering occasion. Since discovering parkrun earlier this year, Anna has been a true parkrun volunteering hero, being there to help out almost every Saturday. Most of the time you will find her at the start/finish area, but this week she was our Tail Walker. Thank you Anna!
Then we also realised afterwards that Lee Thomas Cherry (in orange above) was running his 50th event today, so congratulations to Lee. It was nice that we worked this out together in the café afterwards!
We also said farewell to our regular parkrunner and ace photographer Nele Vetter (above), who will soon be heading back to her homeland Germany. Again, thanks Nele for all your help over the past year. It's been great having you about and thanks for the great photos. We wish you all the best for when you go home and maybe you can get involved with parkrun back there :-)
We had 17 first timers at Haga parkrun today, including tourists from the UK, Ireland and Australia amongst other places. Well done to all that ran. 10 PBs on such a warm day too, very impressive, special congratulations to all of you.

Thanks of course to all our volunteers - Deri THOMAS • Erik ERSKINE • Mollie GAVIN • Jenny HEEMSKERK • Filip AINOUZ • Anna KLÖFVER. You are the people who make parkrun happen!
First over the line for the men was first-timer Johan Herbert and Alissa Afzelius for the women, also the first time that she ran. Here are the full results. And here is also a link to all the photos.
See everyone next Saturday!


Haga run report parkrun #90


What a scorcher. It was looking like run director Anna was going to have a challenging morning with a very small band of volunteers, so thanks to those who stepped in last minute and thanks everyone for your good spirits. In the end, we had 56 people completing the course. Anna Klöfver was supported by Rachel Haines who took down the course plus assisted with results, Hector Haines who first set up the course and then rushed around the course so he could scan everyone's barcodes!


Nele Vetter added the pro touch with her photos, Helena Sandgren took the tailwalker position and cleared up the signs and Anders Hedenlund made sure we didn't run the wrong way in the sweltering haze. Mija Thomas provided, yet again, invaluable finish area support. Congrats and thanks go to Mija for her 25 volunteering efforts at Haga!


We had 25 first timers, exactly the same as last week (although more ran last week in total). Great to be a hit with parkrun tourists! Our visitors included several from parkruns around Scotland and England and a group from India.


Dave Stanton and Magnus Lindberg followed Hector in. Rachel Haines was the first lady to finish, with Myra Jones (178 runs making her the most regular parkrunner) and Emily Andrew not far behind. Laura Thow, another visitor with over 100 parkruns and 25 volunteering roles got a great age-grade rating of 73.46%.


Adrian Highland achieved 50 parkruns today - congratulations! Nick Barrable (40 runs) and Sarah-Jane (60 runs) collectively achieved a century and Wynand Boschoff and Natasha Maraschin with 125 runs each reached 250 together. No t-shirts for joint efforts though! Sean Cook (167 runs) and Jill Stephens (133 runs) were more high counters visiting Haga today.


Just reply to the next Haga email that comes out or drop us a facebook message if you'd like to help in future weeks. It's fun to volunteer as well as run and help is always appreciated. Enjoy your week!



Haga run report parkrun #89

Firstly, congratulations to parkrun stalwart Natasha Maraschin for completing her 50th run at Haga (making her run total 124). Highest total runs go to Michael Salu (241) and Sam Farman (201) both first timers at Haga. They were among the 25 first timers this fine Saturday. Visitors also included Richard Morris from Singapore Shufflers and Sharon Salu who normally runs at Wynnum parkrun in Australia. Best club name we spotted has to go to Louise O'Brien from "Workout Wenches"!


The highest age-based rating of 78.38% was achieved by junior runner William Nilsson, and that wasn't even his fastest run!


We saw ultralong-distance superstar Daniel Nilsson cross the line in 3rd place. You might recognise him from winning SM-gold in the 100km in 2012, silver in 2014 or perhaps from his many runs and wins around Stockholm and Sweden. Just ahead of him were Yassin Finsen Bour-Hil and Timmy Karlsson.

Sarah-Jane Barrable was the first lady to cross the line, followed by Janet Grigor, a first timer to Haga and barely a shred off an aged-based rating of 70%. Falken Falk was next.

So despite Stockholm's offices emptying and the archipelago filling up, Haga's runners and walkers amounted to 72, plus volunteers Anna Klöfver run-directing, Sofia Dahlgren and Scott Wallace marshalling and taking photos, Rachel Haines, Sarah-Jane Barrable and Mija Thomas holding up the rear, Peter Hansson and Erik Erskine timekeeping and handing out finish tokens. Thanks for coming, thanks for helping, thanks for the fika and see you very soon to do it all again!



Haga parkrun #88 run report

parkrun 88 start (by Hector Haines)

Are we getting bored of the gorgeous summer weather? Nope. 75 of us made our respective ways around Haga parkrun this week, aided by a trusty army of volunteers (cheers Rachel Haines, Hector Haines, Nina Fagerholm, Anna Frew, Patrick Joyce, Anna Klöfver and Daniel Ramsköld). Some volunteered and ran as well; some walked and enjoyed the views, including visitors from England Susie Barrett and Allen Nixon. Jo Summerton and Brad Rumsey joined us all the way from West Beach parkrun in Australia for their second ever international parkrun and Jonathan Marsden from Totton Running Club completed his 211th parkrun!


A whopping 25 of us were at Haga for the first time, including Emil Lingmerth and Magnus Salberg who were the first and second over the line respectively, with regular runner Nick Barrable close behind.
Lina Andreasson was the first woman back, followed by Sarah-Jane Barrable then Rachel Haines. We had a few participants running for two with buggies and blooming bumps. Well done to the 11 people who achieved Personal Bests!


We COULD have had even more competitors if it weren’t for a broken hotel lift trapping Ian, a parkrun fan visiting from the UK, and causing him to miss Haga parkrun – his birthday treat! He took the opportunity to run a “freedom” parkrun instead, which is basically running a parkrun course at a time of your own choosing and logging it, if you like, online (see www.parkrun.com/runner/freedom). You can do this for the Haga course or any other registered parkrun course around the globe.


See you next week – and if you feel you’d like to volunteer as well as / instead of running, reply to the email that’ll go out soon this week or just email hagahelpers@parkrun.com

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