Happy Halloween Haga parkrun, event #105, run report


It was a chilly and windy Stockholm on Saturday 27th October when Haga parkrun transformed into a pumpkin and trick-or-treat inspired parkrun. In short, the tricks included running the course in reverse and finding a fun costume or silly hat to run, jog, walk or volunteer in, while the treats included something hot to drink and something sweet to eat at the finish.


The main trick of the day was, for the first time in Haga parkrun history, to run the course in reverse - turning right into left and uphill into downhill and vice versa. All the signs out on the course had to be turned around, in addition to left/right arrows being turned upside down and km signs switching positions. Comments and reactions at the finish suggest that it was an appreciated trick – fun to view the park and to experience the ups and downs and from the opposite direction, and to finish after a comfortable downhill final km.



Some parkrunners also managed the trick to dare dressing up, especially by wearing silly hats and hairbands including animal ears, alien antennas, clown hair, a dragon tail, a crown, a fish, a spider and an orange pumpkin and a green Leprechaun hat. Other costumes included several historical figures in hats and capes as well as the Queen of Hearts. Some signs out on the course were also dressed up in pumpkin, ghost and bat decorations, and the finish line became a finish gate dressed up in decorated orange flags.


After the finish, parkrunners were greeted with treats such as pumpkin satsumas, finger cookies, meringue ghosts and some scary candy. Some parkrunners also took pictures together with the beautifully carved parkrun pumpkin. However, the biggest treat was of course parkrun itself – a friendly, free, fun five km run out in a park and nature.


For the Happy Halloween special event, Haga parkrun was also happy to welcome a group of jolly dressed up parkrunners from Tampere parkrun in Finland, as well as a number of parkrunners from South Africa and from around the UK. In total, 76 people ran, jogged or walked the course of whom 22 were first timers. We hope all visitors, first timers and others enjoyed parkrun in Hagaparken and this week’s Happy Halloween theme!


A great thank you to all wonderful volunteers who helped make Haga parkrun #105 happen: Anna F, Anna I, Anna K, August, Deri, Gunilla, Göran, Klara, Leena, Mark, Mats, Mija, Patrick and Peter. Extra warm thanks for enduring the chilly wind and temperature that bite a little extra hard on certain volunteer tasks where you need to stand fairly still. Hopefully all fingers and toes that might have felt a little frozen soon thawed out!



Finally, a special massive thank you to outstanding volunteers Peter and Deri. With this week’s parkrun, Peter has now volunteered fantastic 50 times at Haga parkrun. Thank you for your continuous parkrun volunteering - you’re a real hi-vis hero!


This week, Nordics and Haga parkrun superhero Deri also reached impressive 70 times volunteering at Haga parkrun (89 times volunteering if including other parkruns!). Thank you for your immense contribution to making parkrun possible and running every week in so many both old and new places! Deri, dressed up in parkrun apricot orange shirt and orange pumpkin hat, celebrated his 70th time volunteering at Haga by finishing first, in this first Haga parkrun in reverse, before helping out with barcode scanning - in addition to helping out with so many other things before and after the event, just like so many other times!


Have a nice week and see you on Saturday, in November!


Haga run report, event #103

Why go all the way to Hässelby for a run? At least when you can just go to the beautiful Hagaparken and have a free run, walk or jog with great people!

On Saturday 13th of October 68 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

Julian Dent was first over the line with a time of 16:52, and Rachel Astington celebreated her 50th parkrun and first at Haga, with being first women with a time of 20:20. really imnpressive performances!

Caroline and Hugh Manning both did their 202nd park run. And of course they got Wilfred with them in a stroller. Wonder if there's some kind of stroller record there.
Claire Ward-Passey did here 130th parkrun. A routine close to the morning coffee :)
The event was made possible by our 10 volunteers:
Hats off to you guys!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Haga parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded a time of 17:30 on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
The male record is held by Jere PAJUNEN who recorded a time of 15:56 on 29th July 2017 (event number 45).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sebastian STAGH who recorded 87.60% (18:01) on 6th October 2018 (event number 102).
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 2,223 participants have completed 6,485 parkruns covering a total distance of 32,425 km, including 1,129 new Personal Bests.


Haga parkrun, event #102, International parkrun Day 2018!


Saturday 6 October greeted Haga parkrun #102 with a brisk beautiful autumn day. One of the great joys of returning to a lush leafy park like Hagaparken week after week over the year is really to follow the changing colors and characteristics of the different seasons. Many of Hagaparken’s green leaves are now turning into a colorful fall foliage while the daily temperatures are dropping to give you a chilly bite. Saturday 6 October was also the first Saturday of October this year, which means it was International parkrun Day 2018!


Although some might say that every Saturday is parkrun day, the first Saturday of October is recognized as the International parkrun Day since parkrun started such a day. Since the start on Saturday 2 October 2004 in Bushy Park, UK, parkrun has grown from one to over 1650 parks and from 13 to around 270 000 participants every Saturday worldwide, with more than 5 million people now registered to participate. Congratulations parkrun to the 14 years and thank you for helping to make many of us a little happier and healthier every week!


At Haga parkrun this week, 77 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 62 multiple timers. It’s always great to be able to welcome both people trying Haga parkrun for their first time and people who regularly return to run multiple times. This week we were also happy to welcome experienced parkrunners from Bristol, UK, and new parkrunners from France. We hope you enjoyed the park and the run!


Well done to the 16 of you who recorded new Personal Bests. Keep on running and you’ll soon reach your next PB! The best thing about PBs is that they are indeed personal and thus within everyone’s reach. PBs can be a great source of motivation and it’s fantastic to see that they are continuously reached across all ages and all levels of previous experiences.


Two outstanding PBs this week were achieved by super speedy juniors and friends Sebastian and Sebastian, who also were the only two parkrunners this week at Haga to achieve an age grade above 80%. Sebastian S even set a new age grade course record at Haga parkrun with 87.6%. Well done!


Last but definitely not least, a great thank you to the 12 people strong volunteer team who made Haga parkrun happen this week! Your helpfulness and positive energy are so valuable and appreciated!
Filip AINOUZ • Paul BALSOM • Tove BJÖRK • Wynand BOSHOFF • Surya Teja DOSAPATI • Erik HAMNER • Peter HANSSON • Anna KLÖFVER • Xiang-Yu LI • Hugh MANNING • Natasha MARASCHIN • Mija THOMAS


Some, unfortunately not all, of this week’s hi-vis heroes at Haga parkrun are pictured above. Peter in the orange tail walker west stands out a little extra, not only by the color of his west but also for now being only one parkrun away from having volunteered 50 times at Haga!


We hope you want to come and scan your barcode in Hagaparken soon again! Have a wonderful week!


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