Haga parkrun #134 run report!

IMG_7334 v2

It was a beautiful morning that greeted us in Hagaparken on Saturday, it certainly seems that we are very lucky with the weather on Saturday mornings at Haga parkrun. First to arrive was the ever-reliable Mark Aldred who was today helping to set up the course signs and Jeanna Ferguson who had been looking after all the kit and equipment (and not to forget, also charging the scanners!). We also brought with us our newly purchased storage box, which will make things MUCH easier for storing the equipment for parkrun each – now it is just one rucksack that needs to be transferred between the ‘Run Director’ each week. Hurray!

Soon after arrived the week’s other volunteers – Mija Thomas was looking after barcode scanning this week together with Dave Adams; Mia Edvardsson, the world’s best course marshal, encouraging all the runners at the lapping point, and Lena Landqvist who took on the all-important role of today’s Tail Walker. A big thanks to all of you!
As always, it’s so much fun to see everyone enjoying parkrun in their own way, whether it is pushing hard for a PB, running with their family, encouraging someone who is at their first parkrun, or jogging around with their friend. There’s always so many people that we want to mention and congratulate – we’ll highlight a few here, sorry if we have missed anyone!

We welcomed Nina Haikonen from Tampere parkrun in Finland, visiting together with friend and fellow parkrun tourist Lorna Koskela. A big thank you for taking the ‘selfie-frames’ back to Finland for all the parkrun events there! Also on tour from the Nordics was Harald Alstad from the world’s most northerly parkrun, Festningen parkrun in Trondheim. We also had tourists from Australia, South Africa and the USA too.

6 people were running their first ever parkrun – well done all of you: Thomas Åhnberg, Klas Håkansson, Martin Melin, Joel Lindström, Amanda Arnesson and Emma Whittall. We hope you enjoyed Haga parkrun and come and see us again soon.

Then we had a 9 PBs, despite the hot weather: Joel Spratt, Therese Anderbro, Magnus Rådö, Carl-Oscar Sandin, Gabriella Reiner, Louise Ingvarsson, Edvard Olander, Lina Andreasson & Pehr Eriksson. You will have to share your secrets with us…….

Lovely to see Caroline Manning back at Haga parkrun again – you are an inspiration! And super-volunteer Anna Klöfver squeezing in a run today in her busy schedule.

Thanks to John & Juliet Harrison for helping to carry the parkrun gear back to the Tennis Club.

As we always say, we’re not going anywhere this summer, so you can come and run Haga parkrun every single Saturday right through the summer. Remember that parkrun is a volunteer-run organisation, so if you would like to help out as a volunteer, just get in touch with us via mail or Facebook and we would love to have you on board.