Happy New Year 2020 Haga parkrun!

Varmt välkomna att (sp)ringa in det nya året 2020 med parkrun! På nyårsdagen* den 1 januari kl. 11 har du möjlighet att inleda det nya året på ett aktivt och socialt sätt tillsammans med parkrun-vänner ute i härliga Hagaparken – när vi välkomnar ett helt nytt år med parkrun under årets alla årstider!

Om du istället vill inleda det nya året med en god gärning och kanske vila benen efter nyårsafton är du också väldigt välkommen att hjälpa till som volontär. Eftersom vi fortfarande kommer att vara mitt i jul- och nyårsledigheter uppskattar vi mycket om vi kan få ihop ett team i god tid innan nästa år ;)

OBS! Vi startar alltså kl. 11 istället för kl. 9.30, dvs. det blir lite mer sovmorgon än vanligt denna nyårsdag efter nyårsnatten. Den 1 januari är också en onsdag till skillnad mot vanliga parkrun-dagen som är lördag.

Anmäl dig på hemsidan om det är första gången du deltar i parkrun.

*Nyårsdagen är tillsammans med Nationaldagen Sveriges två dagar om året utöver lördagar som parkrun kan arrangeras.

New Years Day Haga parkrun


A warm welcome to run and ring in the new year 2020 with parkrun! On New Year’s Day*, January 1 at 11, you have the opportunity to start the new year in an active and social way together with parkrun friends outside in the wonderful Hagaparken – when we welcome a whole new year with parkrun during all the seasons of the year!

If you instead want to start the new year with a good deed and maybe rest your legs after New Year’s Eve, you are also very welcome to help out as a volunteer. Since we’ll still be in the middle of the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, we would really appreciate if we can get together a team well in advance of next year ;)

NOTE! We start at 11:00 instead of 09:30, i.e. it will be a little longer morning to sleep than usual this New Year’s Day after New Year’s Eve. January 1 is also a Wednesday unlike the usual parkrun day, which is Saturday.

Register on the website if this is your first time participating in parkrun.

*New Year’s Day is together with the National Day of Sweden the two days each year, in addition to Saturdays, that parkrun can be arranged in Sweden.


Haga parkrun #148

parkrun celebrated its 15th anniversary this weekend and we were 100 runners and 8 volunteers at Haga to celebrate. We also celebrated Mark Aldred’s 100th Haga parkrun and in true parkrun spirit Mark had cake with him to share with us all. A big thanks also to Mark for arriving early to set up he course.
Guests this week came from South Africa, Russia, Holland, Australia and the UK. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone here. I think a few of the tourists were caught out by the cold weather running in shorts, however, even on the coldest Saturdays in winter, we can expect a handful of British tourists to do this!
Our volunteers this week were a mix of regulars and first timers and as always they ensured that today’s run was well organised.
This week we tested a new café for the post-run “fika” and next week we will test another one, the name of which will be announced in the pre-run announcements.
We hope to see as many of you as possible again next week. Don’t let the cold weather put you off. It’s time to make parkrun a habit and a healthy start to your weekend.


Haga parkrun #130 run report – the pre-Stockholm Marathon parkrun

An impressive 103 runners and a handful of volunteers turned up for this week’s parkrun in Hagaparken. As usual there was a healthy mix of locals and tourists. A large contingency of the tourists were from the UK, but Finland, Denmark and Russia were also represented to name but a few.



The conditions in the park were ideal and although the Swedish winter does have charm in its own right, for the next couple of months the park is at its beautiful best. The park wardens deserve a lot of praise for all their hard work in making Haga Park one of the finest parks in Europe.

Of the 103 runners this week just less than a third had completed 50 or more parkruns and an impressive 18 runners this week had completed more than 100 parkruns. Well done to all of you.


As always, a big thanks to our volunteers. Mia, Anna and Leo made sure your results were collected without any issues whilst Tim and Sussie were out on the course as Marshal and Tail Walker respectively.


A special mention this week to those runners and volunteers who went on to run the Stockholm marathon later in the day. Also, to the families who ran together, always nice to see a family running together in the true spirit of parkrun. And thank you to Ronnie Eriksson who took some fantastic pictures that we have put up on our Facebook page.


It really feels like parkrun is gaining momentum in Sweden now and hopefully its popularity will continue to grow over the coming months and years. Please continue to spread the word so that both the number of runners and volunteers continue to increase.


Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully see as many of you as possible again soon.




Haga parkrun #129 – the one with the meaning of life


A round 100 parkrunners took part in last Saturday's event. And if you like numbers, you may have noted that Aljoscha Marcel Everding, of Hasenheide parkrun in Germany, ran his 42nd parkrun in 42:42 (his watch said so even if the timer clicked a second later!) This was his present to himself on his 42nd birthday and coincidentally, his age-graded rating was 32.42% too! As those of us who enjoy Douglas Adams' novels may remember, 42 is the answer to the meaning of life, so there must be an important message in there about parkrun...

We were also joined by ultra-running legend Björn Suneson, who has recently run across America...for the 7th time...! It took him 97 days to do the 5240km. Check out suneson.se for his blog and some statistics on the coast-to-coast run.


Lars Arell ran his 50th parkrun (all at Haga! Pictured here on a wintery Saturday) as did Michelle Neary-Zajiczek (her first time at Haga, usually running in the UK). Speedy Gloria Vinstedt (pictured) was the first woman to finish, in her first parkrun ever.



Rodney Trevor Jones is up to his 268th parkrun - his "usual" is Delta parkrun in South Africa but he's a true parkrun tourist having been for example all over SA and to Canada and the UK. Right after parkrun he took the airport bus to meet his family and fly home!

Thanks to the volunteer team August FREW • Sarah-Jane BARRABLE • Leo HEEMSKERK • Jenny HEEMSKERK • Mija THOMAS • Peter HANSSON • Stefan NILSSON • Anna KLÖFVER • Aljoscha Marcel EVERDING • Anders HEDENLUND • Gunilla HÄGGSTRÖM and thanks of course to everyone who came and joined in from near and from far. See you next week perhaps, and don't forget that if you fancy a National Day parkrun, there will be one at Kungsängen this year!



Easy as Haga parkrun #123!


So we have just about recovered from last Saturday! An amazing morning, where we had more than 50% more participants than ever before, breaking our previous course record of 134 (set on our second anniversary in August 2018).


And so many people new to parkrun - 64 ‘first timers’, wow! Thanks to Kungsholmen Runt & FK Studenterna for their help in publicising our parkrun and for bringing the pacers to this week’s event, which we know was very much appreciated. Thank you also Club Running Sweden’s Gabriella & Nina for helping with the 30 minute pacing and for putting parkrun as a monthly event for the Club’s training – an excellent idea!



We hope also that you enjoyed the refreshments thanks of Erdinger after the parkrun – sounds like it was very welcome! And to Arbetskamraterna who popped up with their coffee and buns after the event.



Congratulations to Phil Whittall for reaching his 50th run (44 of them at Haga). And he celebrated with a PB! Good work Phil.


As always, big thanks to our volunteers this week, Halvor, Peter, Gunilla, Jeanna, Anna, Åsa, Wynand, Natasha and Paul (plus all our pacers of course!). You all help to make parkrun possible, so THANK YOU!


We had lots of photos from Saturday which Wynand & Natasha took up at the Koppartälten, which you can find on our Facebook page .


Thanks again for your supporting parkrun – remember it is an event for all of us. Want to help? Keep on letting people know that we exist, and offer to volunteer once in a while – these two things are the best things you can do to help!


Welcome back this Saturday for our Easter edition Haga parkrun!



Due to another event in the park that day, Haga will NOT be hosting an extra parkrun on June 6th 2019. The nearest event will be in Kungsängen , which is easy to reach on the pendeltåg (commuter train).


Haga parkrun #120 the one with all the newbies

25 out of the 75 participants at this week's run were first timers - a big welcome! We had visitors from Taiwan, Wales, Belgium, Germany and England among other places, and several new runners from nearby in Stockholm, tempted out by temperatures above zero. For those of you rushing off to catch flights - we hope you made them on time...


We had at least one dog and one pram, and no fewer than 5 new personal best times - well done Per Gysing, Crister Liljefelt, Julian Dent, Mats Lilja and Poyan Gerami. Szu Yao Liao was the first lady to finish, in 23:18 and Julian Dent was the first man in a nippy 16:32, 36 seconds off the course record. Gillian Anderson completed her 440th parkrun! This lady has travelled the length and breadth of the UK visiting parkruns, with the odd trip to Poland, France and Ireland too.

23 March 2019

Thank you to the volunteers: Mark ALDRED for guiding the way, Deri THOMAS for scanning barcodes, Sarah-Jane BARRABLE for being run director, Åsa LUNDIN for marshalling the lap point, Peter HANSSON for taking times, Jeanna FERGUSSON for being tail walker and Gunilla HÄGGSTRÖM for handing out tokens.

23 March 2019

We need some more volunteers for the rest of the year - why not have a go? There's always plenty of help on hand if you haven't tried it before. Reply to the volunteer send-out email or send a message via facebook or just tell one of the marshals the week before.


Run number 119 – the Haga parkrun that nearly didn’t happen

Just as we thought it was safe to come out in non-spiked shoes and maybe even some shorts, Stockholm's weather did it's worse and threw down a bit of March snow to remind us that we live in the Nordics. But thankfully we had just enough thaw to make it all possible and Hage parkrun saw 57 runners, joggers and walkers supported by 6 trusty volunteers: Mark Aldred, Anna Klöfver, Leo Heemskerk, Mary Scheuermann, Deri Thomas and Jeanna Fergusson - thank you!
run 119 pic 2
The first lady to finish was Weronika Brzuchalska of FK Studenterna in 21:17 and the first man was Johan Bernhard of Snättringe SK at his first Haga parkrun, in a time of 19:09. Highest age-rating (73.44%) was second overall fastest Rickard Andersson from IF Linnea in 19:27. Some of Stockholm's running clubs showing their strength! However regardless of whether you're a speedster or a stroller, parkrun is for everyone. We had 6 people who have done over 100 parkruns: Kevin John Jones and Catherine Davies, new to Haga, have run 143 and 151 times respectively, and volunteered over 25 times. Haga regulars Claire Ward-Passey, Hugh Manning (who got a new personal best, nice work!), Natasha Maraschin and Wynand Boschoff make up the other "100s". Nils Thorin is still a junior parkrunner but has done a whopping 44 runs. Our youngest runner Aaron Carlsson was another of the 6 people who ran a new personal best time. A big welcome to those completely new to parkrun too...it's a good time to start as we hope each week will get a little warmer. We also had visitors from Australia and the UK among others.
run 119 pic 1
Hope to see many of you at the next run, or perhaps you'll be a "parkrun tourist" elsewhere in the world. It's a growing trend in Sweden too - look at www.parkrun.se/events to see where else parkrun is taking place.


Haga parkrun, event #118, run report


After beginning 2019 with two months of many cancelled parkruns due to a too icy course, the first parkrun of March provided a taste of spring with a running friendly, almost ice-free, course and a very welcomed visit of some early spring sun. We hope that we’ll soon be back to have a running friendly course every week. Thanks to everyone who has helped to check the course conditions during the weeks so far this year!


For the 118th Haga parkrun, it was great to see that over 80 people made it from the start and around the course to the finish. After having had a little over 50 people on average taking part during the last couple of parkruns during this winter, we hope that this is a sign that more people now find their way outdoor to run, jog and walk as spring is coming closer. Being outside and active, especially in natural environments and parks, is such a simple yet powerful way to boost the health of both body and mind!


It was also great to see so many first timers at this week’s Haga parkrun (22 of 82, i.e. about one fourth of all finishers) both those who are completely new at parkrun and those who have taken part elsewhere. We were for example happy to welcome a number of parkrunners from around the UK. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Hagaparken!


Congratulations to the fourteen people who recorded new personal bests - a great indicator that you keep on moving and develop yourselves. Special congratulations to regular runner and volunteer at Haga parkrun August for finishing his 200th parkrun! Well done and thank you for your helpfulness!


Great thanks to all wonderful volunteers who made Haga parkrun #118 possible! This week Mark set up the course and guided parkrunners around the two laps of the course; Hugh and Jack marshalled out on the course, cheering on people going up and down the hills around the large pelouse; Peter, Gunilla and Anna F ensured that all finishers got finish times, tokens and scanned barcodes; Mija ensured that everyone who wanted to finish crossed the finish line; Svante ensured that all signs out on the course were collected; and Anna K was responsible for organizing the event and the volunteers. Thank you for being such a helpful and friendly team!


We hope to see you soon again at Haga parkrun! Note that the total distance run at Haga parkrun is now 37 280 km, which means that we will soon together have run a distance equivalent to a lap around the Earth (40 075 km). That is one big milestone to reach together!



Haga parkrun 117 ice ice maybe?

Finally we were back in action! After a few weeks of ice covering Stockholm and specifically, our favourite Haga Park paths, our intrepid course testers came back with the long-awaited green light, and a hardy bunch of volunteers was quickly assembled. Amazing how many people made it all happen with short notice. Our volunteers were:

Mark ALDRED scanning tokens • Deri THOMAS up early to set up the signs & do a final ice test • August FREW ensuring we didn’t take a wrong turning • Paul PETRIE-REPAR cheering at the lap point & guiding us around an icy slip-spot • Sarah-Jane BARRABLE as run director • Mija THOMAS our tail walker • Peter HANSSON on the stopwatch • Filip AINOUZ marshalling & egging is on up the last hill • Stefan NILSSON taking times • Eva LITHMAN scanning & helping new runners • Gunilla HÄGGSTRÖM handing out tokens

We had visitors from Australia and England amongst other places, including youngest runner in a great hat: Niklas Van Mourik from BRAT Birmingham Running Athletics & Triathlon. Sebastian Palmquist was first over the line in 17:58 and Lena Lönnemark was First Lady in 20:11, a new personal best.

Twelve people ran for the first time such as Isabelle Österlund in 26:50 and Erik & Lotta Hjert and there were twelve new pbs, welcome and well done. A bunch of us headed to Espresso House at Odenplan for a fika afterwards (& there’s room there for more!) including visitor Elaine Kirton who’s busy setting up the new Tetbury parkrun in SW England - good luck Elaine maybe see you in a parkrunning tourist trip one day.

Here’s hoping for good ‘run’ of weather for the rest of 2019!

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