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Haga parkrun #134 run report!

IMG_7334 v2

It was a beautiful morning that greeted us in Hagaparken on Saturday, it certainly seems that we are very lucky with the weather on Saturday mornings at Haga parkrun. First to arrive was the ever-reliable Mark Aldred who was today helping to set up the course signs and Jeanna Ferguson who had been looking after all the kit and equipment (and not to forget, also charging the scanners!). We also brought with us our newly purchased storage box, which will make things MUCH easier for storing the equipment for parkrun each – now it is just one rucksack that needs to be transferred between the ‘Run Director’ each week. Hurray!

Soon after arrived the week’s other volunteers – Mija Thomas was looking after barcode scanning this week together with Dave Adams; Mia Edvardsson, the world’s best course marshal, encouraging all the runners at the lapping point, and Lena Landqvist who took on the all-important role of today’s Tail Walker. A big thanks to all of you!
As always, it’s so much fun to see everyone enjoying parkrun in their own way, whether it is pushing hard for a PB, running with their family, encouraging someone who is at their first parkrun, or jogging around with their friend. There’s always so many people that we want to mention and congratulate – we’ll highlight a few here, sorry if we have missed anyone!

We welcomed Nina Haikonen from Tampere parkrun in Finland, visiting together with friend and fellow parkrun tourist Lorna Koskela. A big thank you for taking the ‘selfie-frames’ back to Finland for all the parkrun events there! Also on tour from the Nordics was Harald Alstad from the world’s most northerly parkrun, Festningen parkrun in Trondheim. We also had tourists from Australia, South Africa and the USA too.

6 people were running their first ever parkrun – well done all of you: Thomas Åhnberg, Klas Håkansson, Martin Melin, Joel Lindström, Amanda Arnesson and Emma Whittall. We hope you enjoyed Haga parkrun and come and see us again soon.

Then we had a 9 PBs, despite the hot weather: Joel Spratt, Therese Anderbro, Magnus Rådö, Carl-Oscar Sandin, Gabriella Reiner, Louise Ingvarsson, Edvard Olander, Lina Andreasson & Pehr Eriksson. You will have to share your secrets with us…….

Lovely to see Caroline Manning back at Haga parkrun again – you are an inspiration! And super-volunteer Anna Klöfver squeezing in a run today in her busy schedule.

Thanks to John & Juliet Harrison for helping to carry the parkrun gear back to the Tennis Club.

As we always say, we’re not going anywhere this summer, so you can come and run Haga parkrun every single Saturday right through the summer. Remember that parkrun is a volunteer-run organisation, so if you would like to help out as a volunteer, just get in touch with us via mail or Facebook and we would love to have you on board.


Haga parkrun #112, some sunshine from a grey, grey day

It's hard to describe the weather on Saturday in very positive terms - at the darkest time of the year, it was low cloud and grey skies that greeted the runners who joined us on Saturday. But nothing could stop the 50 parkrunners who joined us on Saturday, if we build it, they WILL come - of course they will!
With a dusting of snow having fallen during the week, conditions were a touch slippy out on the course - nothing dangerous, but worth taking it a little bit carefully on the corners!
Nevertheless, incredibly we had 4 PBs this week! Gregory Richards took 20 seconds off his best time with a 19:37, Anni Rajala came under 25 minutes for the first time and Hamed MP and Sandra Rubio both recorded a PB on their second run. Well done all of you, and well done to all of you who made it round in the cold conditions.
First over the line, and too quick for the camera, was parkrun regular and all-round nice guy Hector Haines in 17:13 and keeping it in family, the first lady today was Rachel Haines in 20:49.
Thumbs up to all the volunteers, whom this week were the following heroes:
Thanks to Phil Whittall for this week's photos, with the temperamental camera!


Haga parkrun run report, Event #107, 10/11/2018

Parkrun 10th November
It was great to welcome over 70 cheerful park runners in Haga Park on Saturday, especially considering the cold and drizzly weather. Just as impressive was the number of volunteers who showed up this week and as always a huge thanks to all of them. You all deserve a mention individually, but Timothy Balsom deserves a special mention for at the age of 13 getting woken up at 07:30 on a Saturday morning to help set up the course.
We had visitors this week from Latvia, Finland and the UK. One of our UK guests was the easiest to spot as he was the only one wearing shorts! In addition, we also welcomed 10 new runners to Haga Park this week and we look forward to seeing them again and 9 runners recorded personal bests so a big “well done” to them.
Of the 73 runners who finished the course, 6 had completed 100 or more park runs and 3 of these over 200. A special mention to these 3, Caroline and Hugh Manning with 205 each and Jon Waight, one of our guests from England, with an impressive 296.
As winter approaches, we hope to keep continue to increase the number of runners each week. Our short-term goal is to regularly attract 100+ runners so please keep spreading the word. If everyone of you brought at least one friend (or family member) then that would do it.
Enjoy the rest of your week and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, with or without a friend next week.
Finally, I hope you enjoy the video from Saturday which can be viewed on our Facebook page.
Paul Balsom
Run Director, #Event 107


Our 2nd birthday party!

It was a big celebration at Hagaparken this past Saturday where Haga parkrun celebrated two years of parkrun. The weather was fine, the turnout was a record, and the cakes were delicious!
At the run brief
Soon ready for the off
with the 2 balloon
Posing with the balloon!
Tail Walkers
The Tail Walking Team!
more runners
Out on the course
Smiles on display for the camera!

volunteers 2
The two Annas were on scanning duties today

Cake foot
Don't leave cake lying around unattended on the floor!
Thanks for all the many volunteers (nearly 200 different people have volunteered at least once in these two years) and participants (now over 2000 different people have run Haga parkrun) for making Haga parkrun such a friendly place and a great success!


Haga parkrun, event #75, run report

Finally, we were able to run again! It was still a cold start – a couple of degrees below freezing when we started – but the course was good, aside from a couple of stubborn patches of ice either side of the top of the long hill. And frankly, when the sun is shining, and the sky is blue, the temperature is often of less importance.
It was day where we welcomed many parkrun tourists to Hagaparken, the shorts on display clearly marking out those from the UK, but also from Australia and from Hungary too (unfortunately parkrun hasn’t reached Hungary yet though!). This resulted in a massive 24 people who were running Haga parkrun for the first time, welcome!
We don’t usually feel the need to bring attention to the runner who crosses the line first, but this week we will make an exception for regular runner Göran Strömstedt who just dipped under the 20 minute barrier and picked up token number 1 for the first time. Göran always has to hurry away to take a class at SATS directly after parkrun, so he didn’t have time to hang around or even take a chocolate egg, but nice work Göran! And in a new age category for this year too!
Just 2 PBs today, so special well done to Lee Thomas Cherry and Lisa Majumdar for that.

We hope that everyone enjoyed having the chocolate eggs at the finish! If you were wondering what happened to the chocolate bunnies, we decided in the end that the most suitable recipients would be 6 year old Austin Mortimer and his sister Evie, who were visiting from London and ran the course today with Mum and Dad. Well done to them.
A big thank you to the volunteers who helped make today happen. A special mention to Kallum Corke who over the last couple of months has been the man taking the photos that we enjoy each week. Kallum and Diane are now heading back to Scotland after their time here in Sweden so we wish them the very best and hope they will come back and pay us a visit soon.
Thanks also to Anna, Filip and Erik for helping to make things run smoothly in the finish area, to August, for taking his turn to be a volunteer this week, and to Åsa, for taking on the Tail Walker role this week.

Next week the weather forecast is for the temperature to climb to a sweltering 14oC (!) so the ice will surely be totally gone by then!! See you next time.
From all of us at Haga parkrun


Haga parkrun, event #70, run report

We had tough competition this morning - breakfast in bed watching Charlotte Kalla take home gold or stepping out into minus 6oC and making your way to the start line at Haga parkrun. Luckily 53 people made the right decision! Actually, the ski-ing had finished just in time for people to catch the exciting conclusion before coming along to imagine themselves powering up Haga hill as the gold medallist……..
The signs might still not go in the ground, and our finish funnel is on the asfalt, not the grass, but for running, conditions were excellent for the time of year - compacted snow and lots of gravel - which was shown in the rather amazing 10 Personal Bests that we had today. Anton Björnberg, Scott Wallace, Kjell Vowles, Lena Dalenius, Martin Wahlström, Mikael Larsson, Sam Muldoon, Ella Heres, Sara Sundblad and Anna Forsman – take a bow all of you!
13 first-timers this week, including visitors from the UK and the Netherlands, and a big group that followed with us to Espresso House. So large in fact that we had to divide ourselves up between the Upstairs Group and the Downstairs Group. (For all the Downstairs Group people, I love you really, it’s just that the wi-fi is better upstairs
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this week’s event happen – our regulars Peter Hansson, Anna Klöfver and Filip Ainouz ran things smoothly in the finish area, Kallum Corke took brilliant pictures again, Caroline Manning and Sarah-Jane (plus Lara) Barrable made a mean Tail Walker team, and Daniel Ramsköld and Mary Scheuermann were fantastic volunteers out on the course.
Next Saturday will be more Olympics, but you know the right choice. This time we think (according to the schedules) that the ski-ing starts at 10.30, so you even have time to finish your parkrun and get back home before the finish! Or maybe grab a coffee first and watch on catch-up of course.
See you on Saturday!


Haga parkrun, event #69, run report

It gave us great pleasure to welcome 60 runners to Haga Park on Saturday despite the below freezing temperature and snow-covered paths. We were determined that “the show must go on” this week and we were pleased that so many runners, including 13 first-timers, joined us. Just as impressive were the 8 Volunteers who despite the cold weather, once again made it all possible.
The conditions on the course were described as “safe” with only a few patches of ice, but caution was advised, especially on the tight corners. Visitors this week were impressively from at least 6 different countries, I always worry that I’ll forget to mention a nation if I list them individually, but you know who you were. As always, they blended in well with the “locals”, the only real exception this week being 2 of our guests from the UK who ran in shorts! However, it was noted that they came prepared as they both wore hat and gloves.
2018-02-03 09.22.31-2-1
We also welcomed Alessandra Pollicini (to the left in the photo below, together with her friend Patricia Bonvalot) who is living in Älmhult and in the process of setting up parkrun there!
It was great to see Deri Thomas running the course this week, without Deri there would be no parkrun in Sweden so the next time you meet him (photo below) please make sure you give him a little hug and/or pat on the back. He’s too shy to mention it but in addition to Sweden, Deri is also responsible for introducing parkrun to Norway and Finland. If parkrun had a Hall of Fame for Volunteers, then Deri would have earned his place at the top by now. By the way, the photo below shows Deri wrestling with the course signs at the end of the event before loading them into his car to take home ready for next week’s run.
2018-02-03 10.42.43
Another mention this week for Arbetskamraterna for once again braving the cold weather to serve tea, coffee and home baked treats. They will be missed next week as they are heading up to the mountains for the weekend.
2018-02-03 10.05.28_
The volunteers this week deserve a special mention as they all braved the cold weather to support the event. Timothy BALSOM (aged 12) was not that impressed at being woke up at 07:30 to arrive in time to help set up the course so a special thank you to him. Peter HANSSON, Anna KLÖFVER and Patrick JOYCE, despite suffering with VERY cold fingers, greeted our runners with a smile at the finish line while Diane STEWART, as this week’s tail runner, made sure all 60 runners who started the run also finished it! Filip AINOUZ and Sarah-Jane BARRABLE did a great job this week as Marshalls on the course, whilst Kallum CORKE (and Sarah-Jane) took some great photos.
Here’s all the official statistics from Saturday’s event:
Haga parkrun Event number 69 3rd February 2018
This week 60 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 4 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 12 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:
Deri THOMAS • Paul BALSOM • Sarah-Jane BARRABLE • Diane STEWART • Kallum CORKE • Timothy BALSOM • Peter HANSSON • Filip AINOUZ • Patrick JOYCE • Anna KLÖFVER
Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Haga parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded a time of 17:30 on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
The male record is held by Jere PAJUNEN who recorded a time of 15:56 on 29th July 2017 (event number 45).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded 84.57% (17:30) on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 1,420 participants have completed 3,901 parkruns covering a total distance of 19,505 km, including 706 new Personal Bests.


Haga parkrun, event #67, run report

What a day! A truly stunning morning awaiting us all in Hagaparken, finally blue sky after a gloomy and cloudy week. High pressure had come over the city, the temperature dropped a few degrees and a misty haze spread across the grass as the runners rolled up for the 9.30 start.
The first 100m up to the gates were on clear asfalt, before a transition to the compacted snow which formed the rest of the course and was a very good surface to run on. Did it take a few seconds off people’s times on the course today? Well, there are at least 7 people who will tell you that was not true – today’s PB stars, take a bow Eva Olsson, Anna Forsman, Jonathan Bryce, Mark Conrad, Mats Olsson, Marcelo Ibarra, and Sofia Dahlgren!
For the first time (I think) we had multiple dogs running Haga parkrun, and they made each other’s acquaintance at the start! And they kept pretty close company around the course, so that when they came into the finish, it was in positions 46, 47 and 48. A close run thing! We’re really happy that we can take dogs (maximum one per runner on a lead!) and barnvagn on our course so it was brilliant to see all the dogs coming over the finish line on Saturday.
And our magic, ‘appear out of nowhere’ fika stand came even more at the last minute this week, but still just in time to meet the runners as the came into the finish…..
Thanks once more to the volunteers who made the magic happen this week. I think I can speak for us all when I say that we had a really fun time on Saturday and loved being out in the winter sunshine watching everyone enjoy themselves as they ran round the course.
So thanks to Harriet Brinton and Gregory Richards for their help at the finish, to Anna Klöfver and the Aschan Janson family team out on the course, to Jill Odelius as our Tail Runner and to Kallum Corke again for all the wonderful photos.
We will see you all again next week!


Haga parkrun, event #66, run report

Another weekend and another 69 finishers at Haga parkrun! Great to see that we’re averaging that number of runners at this time of year. Still no snow, but winter made its presence felt with the ground freezing at the finish, so our usual funnel on the grass was replaced with cones this week (and that was after 15 minutes of untangling the parkrun tape for the funnel!). Thanks to Anna and August for setting up the course this week and managing to force their signs into the ground!
We were spoilt this week for volunteers, so a massive thank you to everyone who offered to help this time around. Here’s the list of all of you: Hugh MANNING • August FREW • Anna FREW • Kallum CORKE • Leo HEEMSKERK • Mija THOMAS • Olof WETTERLING • Peter HANSSON • Karin WETTERLING • Scott WALLACE • Lena LIDÉN • Anna KLÖFVER. We couldn’t do parkrun without you!
A big welcome to Sweden to Kallum Corke (and his partner Diane Stewart) who was snapping the photos on Saturday – brilliant to have someone taking some properly good photos again! You can see all the photos here, in addition to those we have loaded up on to Facebook.
And so to the results. It may be mid-winter but there are still plenty of people running fast – we had 14 PBs on Saturday! So here goes, special well done to all these people: Sara Sundblad, Pontus Nordgren, Therese Hedman, Nele Vetter, Peter Möller, Lisa Harber-Aschan, Anna Frew, Mats Olsson, Sverker Lidén, Jan Buchtele, Philip Whittall, August Frew, Anders Furuskär and Jonas Larm!
16 first-timers too – the parkrun message continues to spread

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