Haga parkrun #148

parkrun celebrated its 15th anniversary this weekend and we were 100 runners and 8 volunteers at Haga to celebrate. We also celebrated Mark Aldred’s 100th Haga parkrun and in true parkrun spirit Mark had cake with him to share with us all. A big thanks also to Mark for arriving early to set up he course.
Guests this week came from South Africa, Russia, Holland, Australia and the UK. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone here. I think a few of the tourists were caught out by the cold weather running in shorts, however, even on the coldest Saturdays in winter, we can expect a handful of British tourists to do this!
Our volunteers this week were a mix of regulars and first timers and as always they ensured that today’s run was well organised.
This week we tested a new café for the post-run “fika” and next week we will test another one, the name of which will be announced in the pre-run announcements.
We hope to see as many of you as possible again next week. Don’t let the cold weather put you off. It’s time to make parkrun a habit and a healthy start to your weekend.


Haga parkrun #130 run report – the pre-Stockholm Marathon parkrun

An impressive 103 runners and a handful of volunteers turned up for this week’s parkrun in Hagaparken. As usual there was a healthy mix of locals and tourists. A large contingency of the tourists were from the UK, but Finland, Denmark and Russia were also represented to name but a few.



The conditions in the park were ideal and although the Swedish winter does have charm in its own right, for the next couple of months the park is at its beautiful best. The park wardens deserve a lot of praise for all their hard work in making Haga Park one of the finest parks in Europe.

Of the 103 runners this week just less than a third had completed 50 or more parkruns and an impressive 18 runners this week had completed more than 100 parkruns. Well done to all of you.


As always, a big thanks to our volunteers. Mia, Anna and Leo made sure your results were collected without any issues whilst Tim and Sussie were out on the course as Marshal and Tail Walker respectively.


A special mention this week to those runners and volunteers who went on to run the Stockholm marathon later in the day. Also, to the families who ran together, always nice to see a family running together in the true spirit of parkrun. And thank you to Ronnie Eriksson who took some fantastic pictures that we have put up on our Facebook page.


It really feels like parkrun is gaining momentum in Sweden now and hopefully its popularity will continue to grow over the coming months and years. Please continue to spread the word so that both the number of runners and volunteers continue to increase.


Enjoy the rest of your week and hopefully see as many of you as possible again soon.




Easy as Haga parkrun #123!


So we have just about recovered from last Saturday! An amazing morning, where we had more than 50% more participants than ever before, breaking our previous course record of 134 (set on our second anniversary in August 2018).


And so many people new to parkrun - 64 ‘first timers’, wow! Thanks to Kungsholmen Runt & FK Studenterna for their help in publicising our parkrun and for bringing the pacers to this week’s event, which we know was very much appreciated. Thank you also Club Running Sweden’s Gabriella & Nina for helping with the 30 minute pacing and for putting parkrun as a monthly event for the Club’s training – an excellent idea!



We hope also that you enjoyed the refreshments thanks of Erdinger after the parkrun – sounds like it was very welcome! And to Arbetskamraterna who popped up with their coffee and buns after the event.



Congratulations to Phil Whittall for reaching his 50th run (44 of them at Haga). And he celebrated with a PB! Good work Phil.


As always, big thanks to our volunteers this week, Halvor, Peter, Gunilla, Jeanna, Anna, Åsa, Wynand, Natasha and Paul (plus all our pacers of course!). You all help to make parkrun possible, so THANK YOU!


We had lots of photos from Saturday which Wynand & Natasha took up at the Koppartälten, which you can find on our Facebook page .


Thanks again for your supporting parkrun – remember it is an event for all of us. Want to help? Keep on letting people know that we exist, and offer to volunteer once in a while – these two things are the best things you can do to help!


Welcome back this Saturday for our Easter edition Haga parkrun!


Haga parkrun #115, we’re back baby!


Yes, it felt good to be back! 3 weeks feels like a long time to be away from parkrun, and we always worry that with long breaks we will lose one of the key simple things to know about parkrun – that parkrun is on every single Saturday and that you don’t ever have to wonder whether it is on or not. But let’s look on the positive side – now we are back in business, more snow has fallen, the temperatures have dropped a little and we hope for some winter continuity as we continue through April.
Haga tents
46 people came to the start line on our return to the park, and they were rewarded with a stunning morning, cold temperatures but still, with the sun battling to break through the clouds and bathe the parkrun in light.
haga forest
Our photographer for the week Jeff Wang was based up by the Koppartälten and first took some great photos with the tents in the background and then a forest backdrop on the second lap.
Polish visitors to Haga
We welcomed some tourists to the park on this snowy Saturday, including from the UK and from Poland. Thanks to our friend Karol Waruszewski for this beautiful picture of Alina and Lucyna coming through the Haga Södra gates.
Great to see so many of our runners getting closer to achieving their ‘50’ milestone t-shirts. We look forward to celebrating many such occasions throughout the coming year.
We were delighted to have guests from Huddinge parkrun today, including social media whizz Johan Faxer and the Event Director and former Haga parkrun volunteer regular Colm O’Callaghan. Colm’s been out of action from running for a while, but showed that the engine can still purr into action when it’s asked, crossing the line in second place in 21:00. We’re looking forward to the return of Huddinge parkrun when the spring arrives.
4th place
Our fourth placed runner this week was a passer-by who chanced on Haga parkrun and joined in this week’s run! We hope that our mystery 'unknown' runner will be back for more (it sounded like he would be!)
This week’s Tail Walker was regular Sarah-Jane Barrable who did rather well in the Winter Run later in the evening, coming third in the women’s 10km event. Remember us when you’re famous SJ!
As always, a big thank you to this week’s volunteers:
Deri THOMAS • August FREW • Sarah-Jane BARRABLE • Jeanna FERGUSSON • Anna KLÖFVER • Jeff WANG.
We reached another volunteer milestone this week – 1000 volunteering instances from the 195 different people who have helped out at Haga parkrun. Thanks to you all!
Looking forward to seeing everyone in Hagaparken next Saturday morning!


Haga parkrun run report, #108

We're not sure how much of the promised sun actually shone on Saturday, but in any case it wasn't raining, and it was just PERFECT running conditions at the start - cool, fresh, and no wind at all. A really nice morning for a parkrun, which was clearly the view shared by the 97 of you who joined us on Saturday!

Plenty of new faces with 20 people running Haga parkrun for the very first time. Nice to see the group of Studenternas joining in as well, and using parkrun as a club training session - exactly what we like to see, because we are not in competition with running clubs, in fact the very opposite - as we always stress, parkrun is for everyone, no matter what your level of ability or speed.

Haga Parkrun 2018-11-17
We love this picture of Ulrika Tallgård on her way to a PB - nice job!

The course is also in great condition at this time of year, and that was shown in the 20 PBs that were recorded this week. It's a long list but they all deserve congratulations, so here goes! Well done to Ulrika Tallgård, Mary Scheuermann, Anni Rajala, Sriharsha Bhat, Christian Häggström, Madelene Henriksgaard, Oliver Corps, Per Gysing, Louise Berlin, Anders Bagge, Magnus Blomdahl, Alexander Nordenwald, Göran Strömstedt, Jens Karlsson, Johan Segerström, Kristoffer Hansson and Patric Rajala. Plus it was a good day to be called Cecilia - Cecilia Thhomer, Cecilia Zilliacus and Cecilia Larnemark all recorded PBs this week.

Parkrun 17th Nov
Mr 50 - Jamie Johnson

Well done to Bjorn Suneson for the higest age-grade score of the day (just). And big big congratulations to Jamie Johnson for his 50th run! We await the promised home-baked goodies with interest!

Thanks to the volunteers who made it all happen this week:


Keep spreading the word about parkrun so that more people can come and find us! And see you on Saturday!

Haga parkrun team


Haga parkrun #106, run report

Another one in the bag! Haga parkrun #106 was a very pleasant Saturday morning spent in the park; autumn colours persisting with the orange carpet of leaves still on the ground, if no longer in the trees.
There was plenty more colour on display from the great team of volunteers we had to help out with this week’s event, this week’s team of neon-yellow heroes were Karin Wetterling, Mats Forsberg & Erik Erskine out on the course to cheer people on, Claes Mittjes handing out the finish tokens and keeping things under control in the finish funnel, with Mija Thomas and Jeanne Ferguson scanning barcodes. Mark Aldred was as orange as the forest floor in the Tail Walker vest, escorting first-timer Cecilia around the course.

In true British style (we can spot them from a distance) was a UK tourist dressed in shorts and vest, despite the weather, Laurie Luscombe, who whizzed around in a speedy 17:47. Ebba Stenman, also a first-timer, was the first lady home in 20:19. We must also not forget the highest age-grade score, Svante Wetterling, scoring 77% with his 21:25 in the VM60-64 category.
We actually had just over one third of the runners taking part for the first time today with 21 first timers, and 8 PBs were set today, so a special well done to Mikael Skovly, Christian Häggström, Mary Scheuermann, Anna Klöfver, Axel Carlsson, Glen Vallis, Jenny Söderborg and Sinead Waldron. (Glen, who lives in Sydney, Australia, was last here two years ago, so a warm-welcome back to him!). We also welcomed some parkrun friends from St Petersburg, Russia, who were in town visiting this weekend.
Afterwards we had a good group join heading back to Espresso House where we managed to secure ‘our’ big square table at the back of the café once again. It felt friendly and familiar, just like a good parkrun should be.
Photos were few this weekend, but Hector Haines managed to snap some shots which were posted to our Facebook page and are now also on Flickr.
All in all, it was a lovely way to start the weekend. Thanks to everyone who showed up, and ran, walked and volunteered.


Haga run report, event #103

Why go all the way to Hässelby for a run? At least when you can just go to the beautiful Hagaparken and have a free run, walk or jog with great people!

On Saturday 13th of October 68 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 16 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 14 different clubs took part.

Julian Dent was first over the line with a time of 16:52, and Rachel Astington celebreated her 50th parkrun and first at Haga, with being first women with a time of 20:20. really imnpressive performances!

Caroline and Hugh Manning both did their 202nd park run. And of course they got Wilfred with them in a stroller. Wonder if there's some kind of stroller record there.
Claire Ward-Passey did here 130th parkrun. A routine close to the morning coffee :)
The event was made possible by our 10 volunteers:
Hats off to you guys!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Haga parkrun Results Page.
The female record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded a time of 17:30 on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
The male record is held by Jere PAJUNEN who recorded a time of 15:56 on 29th July 2017 (event number 45).
The Age Grade course record is held by Sebastian STAGH who recorded 87.60% (18:01) on 6th October 2018 (event number 102).
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 2,223 participants have completed 6,485 parkruns covering a total distance of 32,425 km, including 1,129 new Personal Bests.


Our 2nd birthday party!

It was a big celebration at Hagaparken this past Saturday where Haga parkrun celebrated two years of parkrun. The weather was fine, the turnout was a record, and the cakes were delicious!
At the run brief
Soon ready for the off
with the 2 balloon
Posing with the balloon!
Tail Walkers
The Tail Walking Team!
more runners
Out on the course
Smiles on display for the camera!

volunteers 2
The two Annas were on scanning duties today

Cake foot
Don't leave cake lying around unattended on the floor!
Thanks for all the many volunteers (nearly 200 different people have volunteered at least once in these two years) and participants (now over 2000 different people have run Haga parkrun) for making Haga parkrun such a friendly place and a great success!


Haga run report #94

It was a fine late summer morning in Hagaparken, a little cooler than in recent weeks, meaning that conditions were pretty much perfect for parkrun. We had a good mix of first-timers, regulars, families and tourists, getting close to 100 runners, which we’d love to be reaching on a regular basis.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped out this week – we were looking a little short of help earlier in the week, so thanks to those who stepped up and made the difference this time!
Missed from the pre-parkrun thank you was this week’s Tail Runner, Hugh Manning – so an extra big thanks to you Hugh!
Also we want to say a big congratulations to Mark Aldred on achieving his 100th parkrun on Saturday at Haga, well done Mark! Mark has been a regular at Haga since the beginning, and (we think) has run more Haga parkruns than anyone else. Looking forward to seeing that 100 shirt on you soon Mark.
It was great to see a whole bunch of families taking part this week – we think that parkrun is a wonderful activity to do together as a family, and we’re glad to see that more parents and children have been discovering us lately. Long may this continue.
We had some interesting visitors this week such as Nick Young, who is the Event Director at Roosevelt Island DC parkrun in the USA. This event is of a similar size to Haga, so it was nice to talk and compare routines and stories between the two events. We also welcomed Catherine Cutts and Jacob Smiles who are cycling from Latvia to Belgium, but wanted to come via Stockholm so that they could first take in a parkrun!
We hope you like the videos and photos from this week’s parkrun – you can find them all the photos here: all the photos here.
And all the results are of course here: www.parkrun.se/haga/results.


Haga run report, event #93

A warm but cloudy morning before the start of ParkRun and finally during the run RAIN came!

This week 77 people (including the Running Rhino) ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 13 recorded new Personal Bests.

First male to cross the finish line was Christoffer Ask and the first female Amanda Kleijn

Full results and a complete event history can be found on the Haga parkrun Results Page.

The event was made possible by 10 volunteers:

The female record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded a time of 17:30 on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
The male record is held by Jere PAJUNEN who recorded a time of 15:56 on 29th July 2017 (event number 45).
The Age Grade course record is held by Yoie BOHLIN who recorded 84.57% (17:30) on 10th June 2017 (event number 38).
Haga parkrun started on 27th August 2016. Since then 1,954 participants have completed 5,601 parkruns covering a total distance of 28,005 km, including 971 new Personal Bests.

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