parkrun in a winter wonderland


parkrun in a winter wonderland


Welcome to this week's newsletter. One of the first questions we always get asked about parkrun here in Sweden is "Will you run all-year-round?"

To some people, that’s a given – parkrun is an all-year-round event and of course that’s going to be the same in Sweden. Other people have just assumed that we’re only going to be running in the summer months. 

There’s certainly a lot of misconceptions about running in the winter, when it’s cold and when there’s snow on the ground. When I think back to my running days in the UK, I would never have imagined that I would be out running right through the winter and what’s more, absolutely loving it!

There’s a great Swedish expression ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing’ (I note on Google that this is also attributed to legendary British Lake District walker and author Alfred Wainright). This is of course absolutely true, and it’s certainly important to keep warm on a winter’s day with gloves, a hat and layers of clothing, and make sure that you don’t spend too long outside after your run before changing into dry, warm clothes.

But the reality is that it is an absolute treat to run on a day where it’s a couple of degrees below zero, with a clear, crisp, blue sky above, and well-packed snow below! So we fully intend to run through the winter at the first event in Hagaparken and let everyone else experience that feeling too.

One thing that is very important about parkrun is the fact that it is a regular event and that you can keep coming back week after week, knowing that parkrun will always be there for you. We hope that the Swedish weather allows us that continuity. Generally, there are extremely few running events between the start of October and the end of March, so parkrun will hopefully play a part in filling that gap and providing an outlet for runners, joggers and walkers in the 6 months of the year where there is not an event every weekend.

Of course safety is of paramount importance for parkrun, and there will inevitably be times in winter where parkruns will have to be cancelled – where the course is dangerously icy, when the temperature falls below -15 degrees, or when there has been heavy snowfall that has not been cleared. And some parkruns are likely to be held on elljusspår, which will of course mean that it will not be possible to hold an event when there is snow on the ground.

But we will learn from our experiences from the first winter and aim to provide a safe, fun, enjoyable running experience for everyone all-year-round!

Happy parkrunning,

Deri Thomas (A24286)
Country Manager
parkrun Sweden

If you are interested in setting up your own parkrun event in Sweden, or to find out more, get in touch with us here.


Vill du rädda liv?  Bli volontär för Mind i Stockholm eller Göteborg

Vill du vara med och rädda liv? Mind söker volontärer i Stockholm och Göteborg för att bemanna vår Självmordslinje. Vi kan erbjuda ett av de mest meningsfulla och utvecklande volontäruppdrag man kan åta sig. 

Som volontär i Självmordslinjen stödjer du personer som mår psykiskt dåligt och ofta har allvarliga självmordstankar. Du lyssnar och försöker motivera dem till att vilja leva. 

Självmordslinjen är öppen dygnet runt. Uppdraget är oavlönat och innebär arbete i vår stödlinje (telefon och chattstöd) två pass per månad, samt en natt per termin. Innan du börjar får du en utbildning på två dagar. Därutöver erbjuds fortbildning och handledning, oftast kvällstid. Arbetet sker i våra lokaler i centrala Stockholm och centrala Göteborg.  

Läs mer och anmäl dig Varmt välkommen!

Carl von Essen
Generalsekreterare, Mind


a message from CauseyWestling

CauseyWestling is a very proud partner to parkrun Sweden, which has finally made its way to our country. We think parkrun is a truly great concept, enabling people to run together across generations and experience. 

For us as a company, it is important to encourage a more active life and to contribute to improving public health. For the same reasons, we give our staff the opportunity to exercise together on a weekly basis, and we often participate in different sporting events and tournaments. 

As a company we have participated in an annual charity run which has led to staff members taking part in everything from going out for a run every now and then to multiple IronMan and Swimrun competions. A single sporting event can make you discover an interest you did not even know you had. 

It is not about being the fastest or most frequent runner: what matters is only that you get the opportunity to give it a try. 

CauseyWestling is a full service tax law firm. We assist large property owners with their property investments.

parkrun Sweden is on the lookout for more sponsors and supporters to help support the organisation and to continue to provide parkrun for free every single week. If you are interested in knowing more about you or your company could help, please contact