word of mouth


Welcome to this week's newsletter. I’m writing this newsletter sitting out at Rosenhills Musteri on Ekerö.

I’ve brought the apples from our tree to get made into äppelmust. There’s a long line of cars waiting for their turn. The people working here are mostly young people from around the world, and from what I understand, they work and live here together during the peak season.  

Rosenhill doesn’t seem to do much in the advertising, but they don’t need to. The ‘product’ is good and what’s more, it’s genuine. So word spreads, and more and more people come out here. They deserve their success – and of course the challenge is to always keep the spirit of what made it successful in the first place.  

There’s similar stories in the Swedish running world, of running groups, races and applications that are built on love, dedication and passion, and that spread by word of mouth because people just want others to enjoy what they’ve discovered. I remember first using Funbeat over 10 years ago and being amazed at this fantastic resource for logging training. Facebook groups like ‘Springande Tjejer’ and ‘Lonesome Runners’ which just ooze passion for running and provide a positive and encouraging environment for fellow runners. And down on the west coast the hugely popular Göteborg Running Club has been providing fantastic free training for hundreds of people for many years. I know there’s many more out there. 

And so to parkrun. Our aim is to create something here in Sweden that people feel the same way about, something that you just want to tell people about, because it’s great! Everyone who’s involved in parkrun is doing it because they love what parkrun stands for – bringing people together, removing barriers to participation and offering brilliant events for runners every single week. Hopefully that passion shines through! And if it does, then we know that we’ll get the best and most effective marketing of all – word of mouth.

Happy parkrunning,

Deri Thomas (A24286)
Country Manager
parkrun Sweden

If you are interested in setting up your own parkrun event in Sweden, or to find out more, get in touch with us here.


Har parkrun väckt lusten till att springa mer?

parkrun är inte bara en del av en global rörelse, utan också en del av friidrottsfamiljen. Om du är sugen på att springa fler lopp, eller kanske hitta en förening att träna med mellan dina parkruns, så hittar du det på www.svenskalopare.se.

På sidan samlas lopp som är godkända av Svensk Friidrott och föreningar som har löpargrupper för löpare på alla nivåer – från nybörjare till mer vana löpare – alla är välkomna!


say goodbye to soggy barcodes! 

As you may have seen on our Facebook page, we’re happy to announce that the nice people at Effective Barcode Solutions, who supply UK parkrunners with durable parkrun wristbands, credit cards and tags, have now made it possible to order these directly to Sweden. And of course you’ll never have to rush around in a panic again on a Saturday morning printing out a new paper barcode.

You can see what they all look like in the picture above, and they’re all very reasonably priced – a 3 pack of the tags costs around 50 SEK (plus 10 SEK postage), the credit card costs around 45 SEK (plus 10 SEK postage) and the wristbands cost around 150 SEK (plus 30 SEK postage) (all approximate prices, converted from UK pounds).

All details are available on the website here.